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Join our mission to replace single-use packaging with reusables.

We are a growing community of people with a vision for a better future.

Single-use packaging waste has exploded.

We help food businesses protect our planet and make reuse easy.

High-performance reusable packaging solutions for leading food service operations in university campuses, corporate offices, progressive cities and more.

Performance and durability.

We made a commitment to deliver sustained quality at all costs and believe that longevity by design is the only way we might find harmony with our planet. These are food-grade, recycled stainless steel containers with vented and sealable lids.

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Technology that powers circularity.

Smart Return Bins

We designed Smart Return Bins to embody the future of circularity. Incorporating cutting edge IoT technology with timeless aesthetic for seamless returns with complete traceability and zero contamination.

Tap to Reuse

We build software to eliminate the common barriers to reuse including deposits, downloading apps, scanning QR codes and exchanging tokens.


Track your packaging using our UHF RFID tags and software to achieve a 99% return rate with seamless borrowing and the most scalable operations.

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What is a circular economy?

A circular economy is an economic system where resources are continuously used and any sort of waste is limited or even completely eliminated. Beer bottles are a good example: after they are returned, bottles are thoroughly sanitized and used again. An average beer bottle is refilled 15 times before it is recycled! We envision the same for takeout containers. But closer to 1,000 times :)

Are Reusables safe in COVID?

COVID-19 mainly spreads person-to-person through respiratory droplets when someone sneezes, cough, or talks. Although it is possible for the virus to remain on surfaces, there is no evidence that food is associated with spreading COVID-19. Because Reusables are cleaned in a commercial dishwasher, eating from our containers is no different than using dishes at a restaurant.

How long can I hold on to my containers?

You can keep your Reusables up to 2 weeks from the order date. If you do not return the containers within this timeframe, you will be charged for the container. Containers cost between $15 and $25, depending on the type.

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