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Vancouver, BC (Remote)
14 Jun 2024
Full time

About the role is seeking an Intermediate Full-Stack Developer to join our team. The ideal candidate is:

·      Capable of working across the stack

·      Competent with git workflows and basic sys admin tasks like using SSH and simple process management

·      Takes pride in their work

·      Capable of building front ends that have a basic design system without a visual reference

·      A bias for shipping code

·      Experienced in writing and maintaining test suites, ideally with postman

·      Has experience and aptitude working in a small team

·      Documents their work by default

·      Fluent with current build systems and developer tools, to name a few:

·      Bitbucket pipelines and Github actions - continuous deployment

·      Agile methodology

·      Postman

·      React, NextJs, Vercel, react-query, react-router v6, sass modules, tailwind, Vercel

·      Figma

·      Swagger

Ideal candidate identifies as a full stack developer with experience and expertise in one of the following two domains:

1.     Building well documented, scalable and RESTful APIs using Typescript and Node, preferably using the NestJS framework.

2.     Building efficient and consumer grade mobile apps using React Native


Very nice to have:

·      Experience with embedded systems, C++ or ESP32 specific experience

Nice to have:

·      AWS

·      Docker/containerization

Why we are here

The ocean already contains 165 million tonnes of plastic. By 2050, plastic in the ocean will outweigh fish. In that same year, GHG emissions associated with plastic production, use and disposal, would account for 15% of allowed emissions as per the Paris Agreement. Recycling is the current solution to single-use plastic, however only 5% of plastic is recycled in the U.S. (9% in Canada). Governments around the world are banning single-use plastics and leading businesses have made commitments to eliminate packaging waste across their product offerings by 2030. Experts have proven reusable packaging in a circular economy to be the most environmentally sustainable option. However, food businesses, our primary target market, are facing a major challenge in the adoption of reusables: the costs and complexity associated with offering reusable packaging on their own are untenable. For consumers, there currently is no mainstream option for reusable packaging.

Who we are is a circular economy platform creating a new future for food packaging.

We are a mission-driven technology company helping food service operators and their customers eliminate single-use plastic waste through IoT-enabled Reusables-as-a-Service. Our core technology is a proprietary tracking software that connects with our IoT-enabled tags, two mobile applications and an operator portal to enable many consumers and merchants to share an inventory of reusable containers within a network (e.g. city, university campus, grocery chains). Our product is a Reusables-as-a-Service that enables any food business to offer their customers a convenient zero-waste packaging experience. For consumers, our membership takes the guilt away from takeaway packaging and offers rewards for reusing across a growing network of restaurants, cafes and grocery stores.

Our small but mighty team is based in Vancouver, BC and we are backed by leading investors including Ryan Holmes’ LOI Venture. We are building a world-class team with diverse perspectives. We are young, female-founded, and relentlessly focused on the planet, people and profit (in that order). We work hard and play outside harder.


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