Reusables are launching at SFU!

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SFU Dining has partnered with to launch zero-waste packaging on campus, starting at Mackenzie Café!

It's free & easy to reuse at Mackenzie Café

Reusables are being provided instead of disposable packaging at Mackenzie Café in a joint effort to reduce waste.

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Join our SFU campus team by becoming an ambassador for! Help to lead the expansion of reuse across SFU and beyond, while getting hands-on experience working on a real circular economy solution.

We will also have internship and co-op opportunities in engineering, business, sciences and humanities.

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Reusables Co-founders at circularity23 event

Go above & beyond with our app.

You can download our app and link your card to track your reusables, get reminders to return and see where your can reuse beyond SFU.

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Reusables are free to borrow for students and faculty as long as you return within 3 days to one of the Smart Return Bins near Mackenzie Cafe in the Academic Quadrangle. Want it for longer? We will charge a refundable $20 deposit to the card you used to borrow. Return within 30 days to get 100% refund.

We invite you to join our mission of ending single-use packaging waste. You will also save the $0.50 fee on disposable packaging.

To one of our Smart Return Bins in the Academic Quadrangle. Simply hold the bottom of the container to the door until it opens. It will know that you have returned it.

You must return your container within 3 days or you will be charged a $20 refundable deposit that you can get back if you return within 30 days.

It's like a library system - as long as you return each container within 3 days, you will never be charged. Tap to Reuse helps ensure accountability of the shared containers without requiring you to pay a deposit or download an app to get your food.

Apple and Google Pay use one-time encrypted tokens that only allow for immediate transactions. Since we are not charging your credit/debit card when you borrow (just placing a hold in-case you don't return), we can only accept your physical card at this time. Apple and Google may update their libraries and we are also working on new features to allow for mobile wallets, so stay tuned!
BUT WAIT! - you can download our app, link your card there, and then just use your phone to borrow :). I know... literally nobody uses physical cards anymore... SMH at Apple/Google tokens. Hope this helps ya'll!

Yes! You can download our app to link your card, see your Reusables, get return reminders and track your impact! Once your card is linked to the app, you can borrow with just your phone by showing your ReuserID at checkout (the cashier has to scan your QR code using their app). We're also rolling out a new NFC feature soon that will let you tap your phone to borrow.

Your credit card data is kept safe through our integration with Stripe and Moneris who are trusted everyday with sensitive financial data. does not have access to your financial data. If you choose not to return, then we request a charge through our integration with the payment processor.

No, metal is typically not recommended for microwave use. The good news is our containers keep your food warmer for up to 5x longer than disposable containers!

Food-grade, 75% recycled stainless-steel bottoms with recyclable platic lids. There is also an RFID tag on the bottom of the container that is encased in silicone. is a Vancouver-based circular economy startup founded by two young social entrepreneurs, Anastasia Kiku and Jason Hawkins. The company is backed by LOI Venture, Clean BC Plastic Action Fund and other sustainability-focused investors. Want to get involved in the future of packaging? Reach out!

The higher our return rate, the better our environmental impact. Each time you return a container you are contributing to fewer C02 emissions and less single-use waste. This is because we emit C02 from having to produce, consume and waste disposable packaging. Reuse is a great way to cut-down on emissions and waste.

Containers are washed by SFU Dining on-campus using commercial-grade dishwashers and professional staff!