Uber Eats Partners with Reusables.com for Sustainable Packaging in Vancouver

Today, Uber Eats, Canada’s leading delivery platform, is announcing sustainable packaging pilot programs Vancouver to help address issues around single-use plastic waste. Working with Vancouver-based Reusables.com, Uber Eats is aiming to be the first global delivery tech platform to support the transition to more sustainable packaging—not just for Uber Eats merchants, but for the broader restaurant delivery ecosystem.

With tens of thousands of merchants across the country, alongside thousands of delivery people, Uber Eats has a unique opportunity to help deliver a greener future. Recently, Uber announced new goals to eliminate emissions on all Uber Eats deliveries globally by 2040, along with a focus on helping merchants eliminate plastic waste from deliveries by 2030.

“By supporting nearly one million restaurants worldwide, Uber Eats is uniquely positioned to make a difference,” said Lola Kassim, General Manager of Uber Eats Canada. “But we know that delivering a carbon-neutral platform is a challenge bigger than Uber. We’re firm believers that climate is a team sport and that’s why we need policies in place that make EVs, e-mobility and sustainable packaging affordable and accessible for everyone.”

Through the pilot program, Uber Eats users in Vancouver will be able to choose reusable packaging as an option with participating merchants beginning later this month. Dozens of merchants are providing zero-waste takeout options to Uber Eats customers through Reusables.com. Leveraging the scale of Uber Eats, the partnership will allow more merchants to provide this option to a larger customer base than before and create easier access for new merchants that are looking to provide reusable packaging.

“Since we started this company, we’ve had great momentum from consumers and restaurants looking for a reusable option to be more sustainable when they choose takeout. This partnership will help us reach more people and scale the adoption of reusables in food delivery.”

“We’re proud to have been working with Reusables since day one to support the sustainability movement in the restaurant industry. It’s been seamless to integrate reusable packaging into our existing takeout business. And now with this partnership with Uber Eats, more of our customers will have access to this option.”

“With the single-use plastics ban coming into effect last year, we need to do everything we can to support the restaurant industry in BC. I’m glad to see Uber Eats partnering with local company Reusables.com to offer a seamless solution for merchants to offer reusable packaging as an option for customers.”

  • Ian Tostenson, President and CEO, British Columbia Restaurant and Foodservices Association
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Reusables.com, a leading zero-waste packaging platform, is the container-sharing solution to the problem of single-use plastic waste. Reusables helps food businesses reduce their packaging waste by providing them with tech-enabled reusable packaging-as-a-service. Becoming a Reuser lets you enjoy takeout from 100+ participating stores in Canada and the US without contributing to packaging waste. Containers and returns are managed through a user-friendly app. Feel good about your takeout order and learn more at Reusables.com or join the community @reusables_takeout