Earls Restaurant Group Launches Zero-Waste Takeout in Partnership with Reusables.com

Vancouver-based Reusables.com will bring its tech-enabed platform for sustainable packaging to the iconic restaurant group.


VANCOUVER, BC (JUNE 14, 2022) – Reusables.com, a leading zero-waste packaging platform, launched with Earls Restaurant Group, the premium restaurant chain with 68 locations in North America. Starting first at the Earls Test Kitchen Vancouver location, customers are now able to select reusable takeout packaging for pickup and delivery through their ordering channels, including DoorDash, its exclusive delivery provider.


Reusables’ tech-enabled packaging platform has seen widespread adoption throughout restaurants and retailers in Vancouver since launching in 2021, and the company has plans to expand to new cities later this year. Reusables is backed by Ryan Holmes’ LOI Venture and continues to invest in its IoT enabled tracking technology as it looks to makes reusable food packaging mainstream.


“At Earls, we are committed to supporting the environment and sustainability movement, and are excited to pilot Reusables and give our customers more options to reduce their reliance on single-use plastics,” said Kristin Vekteris, Chief Brand Officer at Earls Restaurant Group. “It even goes beyond sustainability because the food stays warm and travels better in their stainless steel bowls.”


Governments around the world are accelerating the shift away from single-use plastics and packaging towards a more circular economy. In the U.S., Wall Street Journal reports that only 5% of plastic actually gets recycled. Alternatives like biodegradeable or compostable plastics are also being banned. The concept of Reusables supports a circular economy, wherein waste is eliminated or diverted from landfills and the environment as much as possible. Experts at Upstream have shown that reuse is the most sustainable form of packaging and Reusables is on a mission to make it part of our everyday life.


“Earls is an iconic brand in Vancouver and we are honoured to team-up with them to make reuse easy for their staff and customers,” said Jason Hawkins, the CEO and Co-Founder of Reusables. “Our Reusable-as-a-Service enables companies like Earls to seamlessly integrate reuse into their existing business.”


Reusables also announced a recent partnership with IGA at its Robson St. location in Vancouver. “The demand for our platform has grown significantly since launching one year ago, and its exciting to see established food businesses like Earls and IGA showing leadership in their industries,” continued Hawkins.


For more information, visit www.reusables.com.
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About Reusables.com:


Reusables.com, a leading zero-waste packaging platform, is the container-sharing solution to the problem of single-use plastic waste. Reusables helps food businesses reduce their packaging waste by providing them with tech-enabled reusable packaging-as-a-service. Becoming a Reuser lets you enjoy takeout from participating stores as much as you like, without contributing to packaging waste. Containers and returns are managed through a user-friendly app. Feel good about your takeout order and learn more at Reusables.com or join the community @reusables_takeout


About Earls Restaurant Group:

Earls Restaurants Ltd. is a family-owned operation started in 1982 with its first restaurant in Edmonton, Alberta. Earls has since grown to become one of the most successful, family-owned independent restaurant groups in North America with 68 locations across Canada (58) and the US (10). Stan Fuller still serves as CEO and the brand is headquartered in Vancouver. From humble beginnings as a laid-back burger and beer joint to today, Earls offers a casual yet sophisticated dining experience within its group of independently compelling restaurant locations. While each experience is tailored to the location, Earls is committed to providing a consciously sourced, diverse, globally inspired menu from quality ingredients. More information can be found at www.earls.ca or on social @earlsrestaurant.