Reusables Gift Membership

Looking for a meaningful gift for your friends and family this year? Perhaps something that doesn't come in packaging and will make your loved ones feel good? Gifting unlimited access to zero-waste takeout has never been easier :)

What the gift membership gets you:

  • Choose a 3-Month ($15), 6-Month ($28), or 1-Year ($55) Gift Membership.
  • The membership is supported both Vancouver and Vancouver Island (Nanaimo and Tofino).
  • You get unlimited early access to zero-waste takeout!
  • We already have over 40 locations participating and are growing so we'll be onboarding more restaurants and communities soon! Coffee cups are already available in Vancouver and will be offered on Vancouver Island early 2022.
  • We work with independent food businesses so by ordering takeout in Reusables from them you’re supporting the local economy 💙

How it works:

  1. In the form, please include the name and the email address of the person you are gifting the membership to.
  2. After purchasing the gift, you will receive an email with a certificate. You can print the gift certificate and give it to your special person or simply forward it via email.
  3. The membership will begin as soon as they activate the membership by registering through the app using the email address you specified.
  4. Your giftee feels special and enjoys delicious food without the waste.


Click here to buy the gift membership