Return to a Restaurant

Return Reusables to a drop-off location:
- Find a drop-off location in your app. These locations will have a stand-alone bin that you can leave your Reusables in.
- Scan the QR code above the collection bin.
- Scan the QR codes on each container. It's quick, we promise :)
- Leave your Reusables in the collection bin.

Drop off at Kula Kitchen:
- Feel free to return your Reusables to Kula Kitchen drivers or by bringing it to their location at 1370 E Georgia St.
- If you are dropping by their location, please let Asha, the wonderful owner of Kula, know that you are coming by emailing her
at or calling (604) 655-5044.
- When dropping off your container, make sure to provide your phone number for staff to record.

Get Reusables Picked Up

Pick-Up by Jarr

1. If you are a current customer at Jarr, just leave your Reusables for pick-up with the rest of the packaging Jarr is collecting from you.
2. It's as easy as that :)