For Businesses

Why offer Reusables?

  • Elevate your brand presence
    Show the world that your business is a leader in sustainability.
  • Choose high-performance packaging
    Our containers perform better than paper, plastic and compostables.
  • Help our planet & align with new bans on plastic
    Be part of the solution to single-use plastic waste. 
  • Build customer loyalty
    Your customers would love to see your commitment to our environment and choose reusable packaging.

How it Works

  1. We supply containers & cups to your store.
  2. Customers request reusable packaging.
  3. You prepare the order in a Reusables container instead of a single-use container.
  4. Customers pick-up their delicious food/drink or have it delivered.
  5. Customers have 14 days to return their Reusables to ANY of our return locations (doesn't have to be the same store).
  6. We track the containers and ensure you have sufficient inventory. You are never on the hook for un-returned containers.
  7. You save money, the planet and make your customers happy :)

Let's get started!

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